How to Have the Perfect Summer Picnic

Do you want to go on a date? Undecided on a location for private meetings with a low-cost setup? Are you a fan of the outdoors? Do you have a thing for the beach? Or are you looking for a dating location that is both quiet and inexpensive? Then a picnic date is the best option! 

Dates for picnics are a breath of fresh air. It gives you a natural vibe and a relaxing sensation, allowing you to be as natural as you are. Prepare his or her favorite foods, play cards, sip wine, deep talks, and close attachment by lying on his or her lap. Picnic dates bring you closer together without the distractions of a typical city date at a restaurant and coffee shop. 

What makes a picnic date the best?

Food? Location? Set-up? I believe the picnic date is best when you both agree on the setup, its connection with the two of you, and the picnic date is best, enjoying until you both are unaware what time it is. Where are you still undecided? Here are some pointers to help you plan the perfect picnic date!

Beach View Setup

As you enjoy the sunset picnic beach date, the soft, sandy shore and ocean air will soothe you. Avoid sand in your food by storing it in an organizer such as tupperwares and covering it after eating. Snacks, finger foods, and food that will not spill through the mat are all options.

Consider the following: 

Nature Setup

Do you enjoy the feeling of fresh air on your face? This location is ideal for a picnic.  A day out in nature with your partner is a sure-fire way to bring you closer together. Take your date to Mountain View Park for a picnic and to see nature at its best. Take your blanket and food with you and set out for a relaxing day in the sun. 

Park Setup

Open air picnic area with grass, shaded trees and beautiful water views. Open to the public for all to enjoy, but be sure that the park is well maintained.

5 Do’s on Picnic Dates

  1. Keep away from your phone, start talking personally.
  2. Bring Mat that fits both of you.
  3. Prepare finger foods, snacks and drinks and store it on an organizer/tupperwares to avoid spilling.
  4. Do not forget to put your trash in a nice trash bag. It’s courtesy to other people who will enjoy their picnics.
  5. Be yourself, enjoy the moment.

5 Don’ts on Picnic Dates

      1.Texting and using the phone (This is rude).      2.   No food or drink preparation, you will get hungry.

      3.   Loud Music makes anyone annoyed.

      4.   No one starts the conversation.

      5.   Do not litter

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