Fun Date Ideas

What is a Creative Date Idea?

Creative date ideas are a great way to get to know someone and have fun in the process.  They can be anything from an outdoor activity, to a scavenger hunt, or even something as simple as a game of pool. 

A creative date idea is all about having fun and getting creative.  There are plenty of date ideas that you can come up with on your own, but they don't have to be elaborate or expensive.  Sometimes the best dates are ones that you create yourself!

The Best Dating Tips for Singles

Dating tips for singles are a dime a dozen.  But with so much advice out there, it can be hard to know where to start. 

This article will discuss some of the most important and effective dating tips for singles.  They will be broken down into two categories: on-site and off-site tips. 

On-site dating tips include things like checking your profile picture before you post it, getting good at texting, and making sure your profile is complete with a bio and photos.  Off-site dating tips are about meeting people in person or online, such as going to events or joining online communities that are related to your interests. 

How to Make a Girl Laugh On a Date

A good sense of humor is one of the most important traits in a successful relationship.  And, it doesn't hurt if you can make your girlfriend laugh on a first date too. 

Making a girl laugh on a first date is not as difficult as you might think.  You just need to know what kind of things to say or do that will get her giggling and smiling. 

So, if you're looking for some funny things to do on a first date, here are some tips you can try out:

Creative Dates You Can Take Your Partner On!

There's nothing more romantic than a date with your partner.  But sometimes, it can be hard to come up with ideas for something new and exciting. 

This article will give you some ideas for creative dates that you can take your partner on!

We all know how important it is to have a strong relationship.  And one of the best ways to keep that alive is by spending quality time together.  One of the most popular ways to do this is by going on "creative dates" - which are just as fun as they sound!

Conclusion: The List, 106 Fun Date Ideas

  1. Take a ghost tour
  2. Discover some new games
  3. There may be a game store in your area where you can come and try out games at a specific time 
  4. Go kart racing 
  5. Perform karaoke together 
  6. Build a campfire together and sit around it talking 
  7. Put together unusual thrift store outfits and go out "in character"
  8. Go tubing, kayak, stand up paddle board or rent a canoe
  9. Learn a new skill from YouTube
  10. Go to the library and choose a book for each other 
  11. Watch cartoons in the morning and prepare breakfast together 
  12. Visit a video arcade together and compete to see who can score the highest on various games  
  13. Use fancy lotions to give each other a foot soak, pedicure, and foot massage 
  14. Go to a coffee shop and learn sudoku together 
  15. Visit a beautiful or historic cemetery together
  16. Visit open houses together and look at houses you'd never buy 
  17. Make a unique meal together (for instance, sushi or homemade ravioli) 
  18. Attend a wine tasting, a coffee tasting, or another free tasting event
  19. Create a ridiculous video on your smartphone with one of the many available apps
  20. Pop into a local tattoo parlor
  21. Go chalking—draw strange pictures and funny or encouraging messages with chalk on the sidewalk 
  22. Build or paint a simple piece of furniture 
  23. Make pizza
  24. Volunteer together at an animal shelter
  25. Make popcorn and hot cocoa and work on a puzzle  
  26. Attend a trivia night 
  27. Attend a play or musical event 
  28. Take the family to a drive-in movie 
  29. Visit your local historic sites
  30. Together, create a gingerbread house 
  31. Attend a free class at your local library 
  32. Build and fly a kite
  33. Perform charades 
  34. Skate on the ice
  35. Go letterboxing or geocaching
  36. Explore a botanical garden 
  37. Make drawings (or caricatures!) of each other 
  38. Play Mad Libs
  39. Go hunting or fishing
  40. Let's go yard-saling together 
  41. Together, go to a flea market or antique store 
  42. Let's go bowling together (Are you feeling cheerful?) Try "bowling with a twist" (bowling between the legs, on one leg, left-handed, and so on) 
  43. Make a photoshoot with ridiculous outfits and crazy poses 
  44. Plan a future date that both of you can go on with a strict budget ($5, $10) 
  45. Get dressed up!
  46. Try birdwatching—use one of the many beginner apps available, or check out the walks offered by your local Audubon society 
  47. Plan and execute a small fundraiser for a cause in which you both believe 
  48. Attend a talk or lecture together and then discuss it afterwards 
  49. Take a bike ride together 
  50. Make it an ice cream sundae night by purchasing everything you've ever wanted for a sundae and stacking them high!
  51. Make cupcakes and top them with strange candy 
  52. Construct a blanket fort and watch movies in your pajamas 
  53. Hold a "mock Olympics" with ridiculous events and prizes 
  54. Play classic playground games such as jacks, 4-square, and hopscotch 
  55. Attend a DJ class together 
  56. Take over a deserted playground 
  57. Fruit picking
  58. Play Guitar Hero or other interactive video games
  59. Visit a high-ropes course or a zip line course
  60. Together, go to a paint-your-own pottery studio 
  61. Enjoy a night of board games 
  62. Attend a cooking class 
  63. Together, go to the farmers' market 
  64. Go to the zoo together.  Which animals are your favorites, and why? What animal makes you think of yourself or your date?
  65. Explore a cave together (do your homework first!)
  66. Check out Atlas Obscura for some truly one-of-a-kind sites!
  67. Astronomy app 
  68. Take a lovely hike in a natural area together 
  69. Plan a completely unexpected date for your partner
  70. Attend a workshop at a local hardware or craft store  
  71. Have a candlelight dinner at your house or apartment 
  72. Participate in a dance class together 
  73. Go ice skating  
  74. Reconnect with your inner child by finger painting together  
  75. Create and execute a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for your partner 
  76. Find a place where you can feed the ducks together (note: avoiding bread and instead feeding birdseed or grapes is better for the ducks) 
  77. Attend a bookstore author reading 
  78. Visit an amusement park
  79. Take a tour of a factory, vineyard, or brewery 
  80. Participate in a local sporting event  (This is a fantastic idea for college students on campus)
  81. Visit a strange, unusual, or quirky tourist attraction
  82. Take a day trip to the next town over and explore it together 
  83. Together, we will windowshop 
  84. Play laser tag
  85. We'll go shopping at a used bookstore together 
  86. Take a horseback ride together 
  87. Make a craft together
  88. Purchase a low-cost face painting kit and paint each other's faces (now there's a selfie opportunity!)
  89. Go to a garden center with your partner and select some plants or houseplants 
  90. Agritourism attraction (pumpkin patch, corn maze, etc ) 
  91. Play cards
  92. Visit a palm reader
  93. Play billiards, foosball, or darts 
  94. Hot dogs or marshmallows can be roasted
  95. Visit the local 99 cent or dollar store
  96. Play miniature golf
  97. Play paintball with your friends 
  98. Hold a water balloon or water gun fight 
  99. Take a fitness class together  
  100. Take a picnic together 
  101. Play some active two-person games and sports (tennis, racquetball, Ping-Pong, croquet, Frisbee ) together 
  102. Attend a local festival or fair
  103. Go to an art museum, choose your favorite piece of art in each room and explain why you like it 
  104. Watch each other's favorite childhood movies while snacking on favorite childhood snacks 
  105. Make a reservation for a horse-drawn carriage ride 
  106. Take a fancy car for a spin 
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